Hybrid Libraries: Advanced Systems and Access Services in Physical and Virtual Information Domains.


Advanced Systems and Access Services in Physical and Virtual Information Domains

Project description

The goal of this project is to study the user interaction with hybrid information domains, e.g. combinations of conventional and digital librarires, through a common user interface. This research is based upon recent developments in computer technology, such as wireless networks and mobile computing. We plan on creating a prototype based on reusable technologies and novel services in order to study phenomena of the interaction between users and the several aspects of a hybrid information environment. This system, coded under the name HAL (Hybrid Academic Library), will be installed in the University of Patras' academic library.

  • Project overview
  • Project flyer
  • Midway report to GSRT
  • Final report to GSRT
  • Other related projects
  • Persons involved
2006 2009

Project phases

Phase I - Requirements Analysis

  • Field overview
  • Identifying user needs
  • Determining points and processes of interactions
  • Setting the evaluation criteria and metrics

Phase II: Prototype development

  • Building the prototype (programming)
  • Tests and revisions

Phase III: Service evaluation

  • Setting up the evaluation experiments
  • Running the evaluation experiments
  • Data analysis
  • Findings and conclusions

Phase IV: Architecture expansion and Documentation

  • Expading the architecture
  • Documentation


Seminars (currently available in Greek, 364KB)

  • Seminar1: Handheld devices and Libraries, 30/9-4/10/'07
    (PDF 109KB, GR)
  • Seminar2: (not scheduled yet)
  • Seminar3: (not scheduled yet)

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