The laboratory on Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing was created on April 10 of 2003, and its activities are mostly related to teaching, research and development on the areas of interest of the department of Archive and Library Sciences.

The Laboratory activities focus on current issues of information organization and dissemination and their related technologies. In particular, the Laboratory current fields of interest include digital information management, interoperability, evaluation of knowledge and information management, dissemination systems, and personalized access to information sources.

The Laboratory aims are:

  1. Development and support of research initiatives concerning issues that relate to the interests of the Laboratory
  2. Cooperation with other research bodies, in Greece and abroad, in the production of standards, protocols, technologies and applications that will address efficiently open research issues
  3. Training and education of new researchers through seminars, on site laboratory education and participation in projects
  4. Development and provision of tools for the effective scientific education and practical experience that the students of the Department of Archives and Library Science must obtain in all the above mentioned issues

The digital organization and dissemination of information is desirable not only by the libraries and by the state archives, but also, by the majority of bodies that create or disseminate information, which is provided, either free, either for profit or with limitations towards its potential clients. The specific category of bodies includes ministries, governmental bodies, universities, scientific centres, publishers and firms that wish to promote their services via networks (e.g. tourist sector, agencies and industries) and bodies that would like to have their own separate network of information (e.g. hospitals that exchange medical information).

The laboratory on Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing aims at actively participating in the national and international scientific community that deals with the effective organization and dissemination of information via current technologies, by:

  1. Studying and testing standards, protocols, technologies and applications in order to develop integrated and interconnected portals of information
  2. Participating in the international efforts of research and standardization that deal with issues related to the interests of the Laboratory, and, at the same time, representing Greece and expressing the particularities of the Greek language
  3. Offering services for requirements description, design and development of integrated solutions based on international standards and on the principle of interoperability

Technologies are used

  • technologies linux
  • technologies ubuntu
  • technologies apache
  • technologies php
  • technologies joomla 
  • technologies tomcat
  • technologies sql
  • technologies post
  • technologies xml
  • technologies java
  • technologies hadoop
  • technologies koha
  • technologies python
  • technologies dspace
  • technologies gs